Nothing for Now.


Week 4 (MOVIES!!)

Well, 4 weeks of school has been the happiest weeks of my life since the start of the December holidays, and the assignments have started piling up but I’m trying my utmost to complete them without fail. Our DVFX T11 class has been skyping every single night for the past week and it might be causing us to suffer from sleep deprivation (pffft. who cares. jk..) Well, I’ve been trying to sleep early but just can’t seem to put this plan into action. I can feel my creative juices draining away 😥 Anyway, more of that at another time. This week, I had an offer from a Year 3 in DVFX to do a green screen shoot next Monday, 26 May, from 3pm to 5pm and Saturday, 31 May from 9am to 3pm. I have never tried acting in anything before so I am pretty excited, I must say, to have this thrown at me. (OMG, I CANT WAIIIIIITTT…)

On Thursday, 15th May, I went out with a couple of people from T11 (namely Ruisen, You Yi, Brandon, Elvin, Rayne)  to watch Godzilla (awesome movie btw, catch it if you have the chance 🙂 ) The movie, I must say, had a weird progression. There’s really little storyline, it just documents people tracking down the gargantuan beast. (sorry, can’t remember much as the movie was a blur.) However, the most intense fight scene that stayed imprinted on my brain has to be ***SPOILER ALERT*** Godzilla charging up energy and releasing a laser beam right down the throat of the enemy. Overall, I would probably give this movie a 8/10 due to how the animators made the Godzilla look like a total badass, with the power to crush San Francisco with the swing of its tail. (maybe that was me exaggerating.. hahahahaha. Still a fantastic movie tho.)


Week 3 (Skyping)

This week, we had our Skype turned on 24/7  and every night, we would talk continuously for 4 to 5 hours at a time, reminiscing about our secondary school life, and staying up all night (I kid). I feel that through Skype, people in class has got to know each other even more than we do already. We were talking about random stuff and making fun of each other. So, basically, if you miss a Skype call, you miss 1 to 2 hours of joking around and laughter. The most people we have had on Skype at one point of time was 9/15, so that’s achievement unlocked. I think the Skype-calling adventure is basically the most fun I’ve had since last December. I love each and every person in my class.

First 2 Weeks in School

Well, the first two weeks were rather eventful. On the first day, I was feeling so awkward walking alone to school that I had someone from DVFX T12 to accompany me to class. In the first week, I had familiarized myself with everyone in class, and I was very close to Brandon, Rui Sen, Elvin and Nicolas. On Monday, we had animation first thing in the morning. It has gone on to be my favorite module in this course. In the afternoon, we had Sports & Wellness and I was in volleyball. I met so many nice people from other courses. As far as I can remember, I had so much problems remembering everyone’s names and faces back in secondary and primary school, so it comes as a surprise to me that I can remember everyone’s names and know their faces in such a short period of time. On Monday, 5 May, when playing basketball, someone threw a ball at my face and caused my lens to fly out and disappear. I was so angry at that time but I kept my cool then.

Story Openers

1. Leaves drifted across the road while a shadow trudged along the knee-deep snow.
2. John stares intensely into the mirror as he shuffles back and screams.
3. Time crawls to a slow as the bullet catapults out of the barrel.
4. Tony stomps around the room, in his hand, carrying a baseball bat.
5. Sam closes her eyes and takes a huge breath.
6. They are alike, like two peas in a pod.
7. It is a cold, dark December night.
8. Things happen, generally, for a reason.
9. It is in the honor of the 100th anniversary of his death that the monument be erected.
10. Pain, changes people.
11. People scramble for safety for 102 whole minutes.
12. It was now, or never.

The Misadventures of Joven.

Wearing nothing but a grass skirt, Joven walks towards the restaurant. As he reaches the entrance of the restaurant, an elegantly dressed gentleman, the manager, walks out of the double revolving doors. Without batting an eye, he leads Joven into the classy restaurant. As the manager pulls the chair for Joven to sit, Joven jumps up, clearly misunderstanding the kindness of the manager. Joven then starts lashing out at the manager, “What do you think you are doing? Are you trying to make me fall?! I am not a 8-year old boy who doesn’t even know how to pull his own chair!”. With that, Joven pulls the chair in indignantly. Being a complete gentleman, the manager replies, “As you wish, sir.” and went to take a menu. However, Joven, being the clown that he is, stands up, climbs onto the expensive marble bar, and starts twerking to the disgust of the other patrons of the restaurant. Feeling extremely satisfied for terrorizing others, Joven jumps down and immediately falls flat on his face. Giggling and chortles immediately came from the crowd, to Joven’s utter embarrassment. As Joven struggles to stand, he saw a few ice cubes on the floor. Joven, feeling extremely angry, kicks the ice cubes, inadvertently slipping on them again and falling on his rear end. Having lost all of his pride, Joven dashes out into the night, swearing never to return.